The fluency secret which helped me learn 12 languages,
that no one teaches in school...

If you’ve ever dreamed of the day you’ll be able to speak a foreign language fluently, you’re in the right place. I’ve been learning languages for the past 20 years, I've learned 12 languages fluently, and I’ve spent literally thousands of hours training hundreds of different students around the world to learn languages the way I do.

Languages open doors to new countries. Cultures. Friends. Romance. Adventure.

When I think about language learning, rich life changing experiences and powerful personal transformation comes to mind.

Sadly this isn’t the same for everyone...

I always ask my students to share their language learning frustrations with me. What’s interesting is that everyone thinks their problems are unique, but almost everyone says the same things:

  • "I feel like a child when I try to express myself and I feel stupid"
  • "When I try to speak to a native speaker my mind goes blank and I forget everything that I’ve learned"
  • "I’ve got a really bad memory and I forget new words and expressions really quickly"
  • "Learning new words is really, really difficult"
  • "My pronunciation is horrible. I can’t get the sounds right. I’m often unsure if people misunderstand me because of my bad pronunciation, or because of my grammar"
  • "Studying grammar is boring, and when I try to speak to someone I forget all of the rules, and make tons of mistakes"
  • "I have to translate everything in my mind before I speak. This makes communication really slow and tiring. I feel like a child unable to express my ideas"

The list goes on...

Do you tell yourself any of the above statements?

You’re not alone.

I used to tell myself all of the lines above. When I first started learning languages the process was painful, boring, slow and it made me constantly question my intelligence.

But when I stumbled upon a new way of doing things, everything changed. The learning process became enjoyable, I started looking forward to my new way of learning. I started to progress faster. But the most rewarding aspect of my new approach, was the fact that I finally started speaking with people. I was having real conversations, and it wasn't long until I was able to speak in another language fluently. 20 years later and I'm able to speak 12 languages, and to think, I used to question my ability to learn even one language to an intermediate level.

Hundreds of my students have expressed their painful experiences in language learning before coming to me for language coaching. I'm proud to say that I've helped them all crack the language code and that I'm yet to meet a student who didn't succeed in learning a language to fluency with my guidance.

The secret to learning a language to fluency

Languages cannot be taught, they can only be learned

What does this mean?

It means the school system has got it all wrong. And it's the reason you failed to learn a language to fluency in school. The same reason millions of people around the world spend years studying a language but lack the ability to order food in a restaurant in the language they've been learning...

If languages cannot be taught, and they can only be learned, we have to ask ourselves: what does it mean “to learn” ?

On closer inspection we’ll find that there are two different meanings, and this leads to confusion in the approach most people take to language learning.

“To learn” can mean:

  1. Remembering information
  2. Developing a skill

When languages are studied at school we’re taught how to remember different pieces of information; grammar rules and list of words.

Remembering information makes people feel like they’re getting closer to fluency, but when they’re asked to order food in a restaurant, they stumble over their words unable to string simple sentences together.

Have you had a similar experience?

It’s clear that while some learning takes place in the classroom, developing the ability to communicate with people isn't.

Language is not a subject of study, it’s a skill that needs to be acquired.

If you're like most language learners you spend most of your time studying the foreign language you want to learn.


This is the path to failure.

To learn a language to fluency you have to spend more time on fluency development exercises, which is the opposite of studying.

Fluency can't be taught, it can only be developed

To develop fluency you have to become an independent language learner. You'll have to take the language learning process into your own hands, and spend time on fluency development exercises.

These are some of the things you need to know:

  • How to develop speaking skills, so you can communicate with native speakers, easily
  • How to develop listening skills, so you can understand fast speaking natives, effortlessly
  • How to remember words and phrases, quickly.
  • How to extract the treasure of knowledge from the mind of a native speaker, efficiently.
  • How to acquire grammar rules, painlessly

These are just some the core skills you’ll develop in the 41 video, 6 hour masterclass I’ve put together to help you reach your goal of speaking a language fluently.

I’ll teach you how to DEVELOP THE ABILITY to communicate in a foreign language, instead of how to halfheartedly remember pieces of information.

The course contains my NEWEST material, and the same techniques I’ve used to learn 12 languages.

Here’s a what the course contains:

Masterclass - Actual Lesson Samples

Do I Need a High IQ to Learn a Language?

Cracking the Language Code with Bidirectional Translation

Overcoming the Fear of Speaking (part 1)

Masterclass Content

  • 1.0 Children vs Adult Language Learners
  • 1.1 Basic Principles for Language Learning
  • 1.2 Basic principles for language learning (part 2)
  • 2.0 My Language Path
  • 2.1 How I Discovered My Method
  • 2.2 Bidirectional Translation
  • 2.3 Methods and Learning Styles Summary
  • 3.0 Finding Time to Learn
  • 3.1 How to Use Your Learning Time Efficiently
  • 3.2 Summary
  • 4.0 How to Find a Language Exchange Partner
  • 4.1 Overcoming the Fear of Speaking
  • 4.2 Overcoming the Fear of Speaking (Part 2)
  • 4.3 Summary
  • 5.0 How Human Memory Works
  • 5.1 How to Find Suitable Material
  • 5.2 How to Review Material for Maximum Vocabulary Retention
  • 6.0 A General Overview of Pronunciation and Intonation
  • 6.1 Top Down vs Bottom up Approach to Pronunciation and Intonation
  • 6.2 Summary
  • 7.0 Complexity Vs Difficulty of Language Systems
  • 7.1 Comparing Language Sound Systems
  • 7.2 Summary
  • 8.0 Language and Work
  • 8.1 Language and Work (Part 2)
  • 9.0 Learning Mandarin and Japanese: a Pragmatic Approach
  • 9.1 Learning Mandarin and Japanese: a Pragmatic Approach (Part 2)

Questions answered:

  • How and When Should I Speak to myself?
  • Do I Need a High IQ to Learn a Language?
  • Are There Other Helpful Ways to Use Translation?
  • How do you Keep Track of Your Progress?
  • What Should I do When Things Get Difficult?
  • How Do You Organize Different Learning Activities?
  • In What Other Ways Can Spaced Repetition be Applied?
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Anthony Lauder Anthony Lauder

"Over the past few weeks I have spent a great deal of time watching and rewatching Luca Lampariello's video series on How to Master a Foreign Language. It is eight hours long, and is packed with information. In fact, there is so much to absorb that I have watched it many times, and taken careful notes to allow it all to sink in. Among the many books and courses that I have, I rate this one very highly. A recommended purchase, particularly if you don't rush through it, and give it many viewings over several weeks."

Eric Partaker Eric Partaker

True, Tried & Tested. That's how I would describe Luca's workshop. A language-learning masterpiece that blends theory and practice to get you off to a flying start with your new language... or help you transition from an intermediate learner to an advanced speaker. There are thousands of various language-learning approaches to choose from... but your search is over. Learn from a master. Learn from Luca. I have... and I'm well on my way to speaking three languages fluently.


"My name is Shinya. I bought the videos of Luca’s workshop in Vienna. I found the videos just great. Luca explained his learning method very well, in a very clear way. I personally have some problems with my pronunciation and listening comprehension and I finally understood how to tackle those problems. The quality of his videos is also excellent. It is definitely worth buying the workshop. Thank you, Luca!!!"


"Luca passionately and masterfully presented what it entails to learn a new language in an eye opening presentation that included countless insights and practical how to. I believe that by just following few of his insights and methods, I would have huge gains. I had many aha moments and I expect that what I have seen will be a road map for my future studies. It was a great experience."

Tony Hernandez Tony Hernandez

Luca's Masterclass is the best language learning product I have ever purchased. While nearly all other products focus on learning one specific language, Luca's presentation gives you the tools and know-how to tackle any language. While everyone else hands you fish, Luca teaches one how to fish, making it infinitely valuable. If you're just starting out this will literally save you years of tossing and toiling that independent language learners often have to deal with. You'll be able to avoid the years of mistakes that most beginners make, myself included. For experienced language learners, this is an extremely valuable weapon to add to the arsenal. As language learners, we each have our own ideas and theories on language acquisition. This Mastercalss puts all of that into one, concise place. As far as specifics, I believe that one of the stronger parts of Luca's Masterclass is, he understands that there is no one magic way to learn a language. Every language learner is different and you will learn different techniques and mindsets to make your own language learning gameplan. And that to me was the biggest takeaway, the mindset explanations. I wish I knew this earlier, but learning a language is less about what you do and more of how you do it, and more specifically, how you approach it. Highest recommendation!

Jason Eckerman Jason Eckerman

"When I started learning languages on my own a few years ago, I knew I could save myself time by learning from the best. That’s when I found Luca. Years later, I’m still using his valuable advice to improve my Spanish skills. Luca’s masterclass is so packed with information that I’ve listened to it repeatedly, picking up more helpful pieces every time I do. There’s so much here to help you learn efficiently at any stage, improve your pronunciation, and learn a language in a way that will stick. I strongly recommend Luca’s masterclass to anybody who is serious about learning a language."

100% Risk Free

The How to Master any Language masterclass contains advice, principles and strategies developed in 20+ years learning 12 different languages.  I’m certain the masterclass  will provide you with the strategies you need to succeed with your language learning in the same way they have  have helped hundreds of my students.  If, however,  for whatever reason you’re unhappy,  send me an e-mail within 30 days of your purchase and I’ll make sure you get your money back.

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